It has none of the soul of Frank Herbert's original books.

The book is full of paragraph after paragraph of filler.

This book is just terrible. Sandworms of Dune was one of the worst books I've ever read, in terms of plot, pacing, character This is part two of Dune 7, or at least Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson's interpretation of how Frank Herbert may have intended it based on a supposed outline and notes they'd found of the book. It's slapped on to the end of the series, allegedly to "complete" the story, but really it only mocks the universe Frank Herbert created.

The different-scaled worms are all on buried tracks covered by microballoons (nasty stuff, that!) "The FX crew filming the attack of the sandworms through the breach in the wall around Arrakeen, near the climax of the movie. The dialogue is bad. and are pulled and manipulated by a bunch of worm handlers off-screen." What would have made Sandworms of Dune better?