It is unlocked early and is fairly simple to craft. The Mek Saber is a primary melee weapon designed to be used by the top pilots that would pilot the Mek which has been designed to cut through almost anything. Bug Fix Feb 8, 2019. Author WETBATMAN; Creation date ... Overview Updates (2) Reviews (1) History Discussion. The main weapons on the Mek are: OZ-13NV TEK Saber. Looking for help with weapon damage game.ini settings. --Ability to change weapon damage values based on wild Dino/tamed Dino/Player --uses a multiplier meaning this effect scales on top if … Hey guys, I run a crossplay nitrado server. They are alright against most things but often times will only be used as a last resort or to knock someone/something out. No permission to download. The bola is one of the most basic, but useful, weapons you will come across in the Ark.

Contents. Heavy, costly, and breaks like a twig. 1 Guns. Archived. Close.

I'd like to increase the shotguns damage, and the damage metal arrows do in a crossbow.

I'm looking for the .ini setting for increasing weapon base damage. I will not include gathering tools. XBR-M-83R Plasma Pistol From InSomnia Wiki. When thrown at a player, the bola will prevent them from moving, making a kill much easier. ARK: Server API. 1. Apr 1, 2019. massive thanks to @OwnProx. INSOMNIA: The Ark weapons.

My Google skills have failed me. Fixed A Potential bug where both tek sword and sword were detected as the same item and … They damage your health so that makes them not as useful. It can also be used on small dinosaurs for the purposes of taming and is beneficial for the taming of your first flyer. Posted by 2 years ago. Fists 3/10. I've tried out all the weapons and these are what I found to be whether or not they are worth your time. ARK: Free Plugins WeaponDamageCustomizer 1.2. Jump to: navigation, search. This page lists all weapons in INSOMNIA: The Ark. You Can Now Add Custom Weapons To The Config! Mek Weapons. Spear 2/10. WETBATMAN submitted a new resource: WeaponDamageCustomizer - Change the damage values of weapons with high customizability!

Looking for help with weapon damage game.ini settings.