Mooala Brands serves customers in the United States. If you’ve ever sliced up a banana, put it in your cereal, and drank the remaining milk, this is what that tastes like (without the dairy part, of course). Shop Mooala Organic Original Banana Milk - compare prices, see product info & reviews, add to shopping list, or find in store. Mooala are milk alternatives that are dairy free, and are a sanitary, delicious alternative. They are made with the main ingredients of almonds and bananas, and come in 4 tasty flavors. It actually sounds pretty good -- or at least worth trying. The results are unexpectedly creamy and neutral-tasting, ideal for pouring into a bowl of cereal, or prepping overnight oats, smoothies, and chia pudding. Infos nutritionnelles du/de la mooala. Select locations now offer curbside pickup & home delivery In fact, it’s made with bananas, sunflower seeds, and not much else.

Retrouvez les calories, les glucides et toute la composition nutritionnelle du/de la mooala ainsi que plus de 2 000 000 autres aliments sur Each 8-ounce serving contains 60 calories, 4 grams of sugar, and 1 gram of protein. They can easily replace milk in just about anything, and all of them are made with only 7 natural ingredients or less. Mooala Brands, LLC produces milk fluids products. Mooala’s ingredient list is pleasantly short, featuring filtered water, bananas, and sunflower seeds. BUY IT: Insta Cart, $6.99 Mooala is all about banana milk (they also make yummy almond milk), offering it up in 3 flavors — original, chocolate and strawberry — all with simple ingredient lists. That's the thought I had at first, too. It also boasts calcium and potassium. See terms. • Mooala Banana Milk To help taste test the options, I also enlisted the help of both a die-hard dairy lover (Marie) and a vegan (Rachel). Not to be confused with banana-flavored milk, Mooala Bananamilk is actually a non-dairy beverage made with a real banana base.

As promised, a sip of Mooala does, in fact, evoke the essence of banana bread (it’s even got a pinch of cinnamon), but in an extremely subtle and pleasant way (read: This does not taste like a blended baked good).

And the Original flavor is even made without added sweeteners. From reading their website, it's apparently pureed bananas, roasted sunflower seeds, cinnamon, and salt. Currently, Mooala's banana milk is only available in about 75 Aldi stores in California, but it may be heading to other locations soon. Mooala, a plant-based milk company based in Texas that makes both banana and almond milks, created their rich and creamy milk by fusing pureed bananas and roasted sunflower seeds with a …