and it hits around the 20th of March.

Daffodils and maple trees are getting fuller and more colorful.

Groundhog Day. Combine the season's hottest hues in a vibrant mix of annuals, …

Here are some sure signs that winter is fading into spring – bright yellow forsythia branches, peach blossoms, busy bluebirds building their nests and a pond full of singing spring peepers !!

Although not really a sign of spring, it is a sign that spring is near! Here are the early signs of the new season to watch out for.

Here are 6 signs that spring is here, or awfully close!

Spring Frogs: Little Big Chorus In some regions beginning as early as March, in others as late as May, evenings ring with the shrill pipings of spring peepers.


I have talked about the war on predators before (see Signs of Spring 11, May 16, 2019 and Signs of Spring 3, March 19, 2020). Spring arrives slowly in the mountains of western NC. Light Pink Flowers Yellow Flowers Garden Bridge Garden Gate Garden Beds Garden Plants Tree Care Garden Pictures Autumn Garden. Spring is beautiful, but it's also a key time of year for seasonal allergies.As plants release pollen, millions of people with hay fever start to sniffle and sneeze.. At the start of winter, the first snow is magical and exciting, but by the fifth or sixth time around, it tends to lose its magic.

predicts the glorious day when spring will arrive, if he sees his shadow spring will have to wait 6 more weeks, and it usually does! The signs of spring are everywhere. It’s that distinctive scent made of equal parts gentle rain, fresh soil, new grass and ozone, and most noticeable at dawn or dusk. What initially seemed like a good idea, a humane idea, to remove large predators from an ecosystem to make them safer for other animals (and for humans!

The Hottest Colors for Fall Gardens, According to Landscape Experts. Denises inspiring blog … Spring smell Have you noticed the smell of spring in the air? The first day of spring is called the Vernal Equinox. Here is a collection that shows some of the signs of spring as we shake off the last bits of winter. . Hellebores aka Lenten Roses. Hellebores commonly blossom in the middle of winter. Since about tree weeks ago, signs of spring have been popping out daily here in the Shenandoah Valley — flowering fruit tree and Bradford pear trees are blooming. So, if you know someone who has kittens or have …

Birds and Butterflies are signs that spring has sprung and the winter slumber has passed once again. The forsythia has been vibrant and lush this … Spring is still a few weeks off, according to the calendar, but some of the season's common events have already been taking place.

That’s right, more newborn kittens are a sign of spring! . By February, we are all absolutely done with the cold weather. Cats tend to have their babies as the weather warms. . It doesn’t help our winter woes when early signs of spring … Hellebores are called Lenten roses because their petals usually open up around the 40-day Lent which starts on February 26.