Double Dribble Definition. And now Gene Steratore points out that UVa got away with a double dribble a few seconds before the controversial foul on the 3-point shot call. After the game, CBS' Gene Steratore explained why the referees should have called a double-dribble … Once a player picks up his dribble by catching the ball with both hands, he must pass it or shoot it. The player cannot begin a second dribble after ending the first.
Did Nathan Bain double dribble before he hit the game-winning layup for the Lumberjacks? A double dribble is when you dribble the ball, pick it up with both hands, and then dribble again. More than 2 steps is a travel, but each foot has to take at least 1 step before it's a travel. And yet, no whistle blew.

Sliding your foot is considered a step. Jerome then picked the ball off the court and began dribbling again, seemingly a double-dribble which would have resulted in a turnover and given the ball back to the Tigers.
Meanwhile, Bojan Bogdanovic is screaming and pointing at the referee to blow the whistle and call a travel (or double-dribble), but gets met with silence. Ouch. A travel is when you pick the ball up and take a step that is not a pivot. With Serge hounding CP3 a bit, and Lowry kind of getting a piece of CP3's arms too while getting the ball, I … It isn't a double dribble because the ball leaves possession of Chris Paul's hands. — Bruce Feldman (@BruceFeldmanCFB) April 7, … If he begins a second dribble after voluntarily ending the first, he commits a double dribble violation.