Of about 416,000 who served, about 60,000 were killed and another 152,000 were wounded. Each state is governed by its own constitution. Sydney is also known for its iconic Opera House and multi-cultural society with … 8 are Capital cities, and 10 smaller ones. The Largest Cities in Australia by Population 2019 Sydney. Many Australians regard the defeat of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZACs) at Gallipoli as the birth of the nation—its first major military action. Sydney is the largest city in Australia ranked by population, and it’s also one of the most popular tourist destinations as well as university cities. There are 18, according to the ABS definition of a city, and 77.3% of the population live in those 18 cities. The country covers an area of 2,969,907 square miles, and has a population of approximately 24.2 million people. There are five Australian cities with a population of more than a million people.. Read on for more details on the major metropolitan areas of this country. In addition to the six states, Australia has ten territories, and most of them are off the coastline. They are New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia. Each state is governed by its own constitution. Largest Cities in Australia. The term geographic Australia is used by the Australian government to describe the area covered by demographic statistics such as national population figures. It is one of the most urbanized countries in the world, with 89.1% of the population living in cities. This article takes a look at some of the most populated cities in Australia. Geographic Australia. Sydney is the home of the Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and hosted the 2000 Summer Olympics. Australia does not have one mayor. Australia is comprised of the mainland and several smaller outlying islands. Sydney is Australia's largest and most cosmopolitan city. Australians took part in many of the major battles fought on the Western Front. Mayors govern towns and cities, so Australia has many mayors, too many to list. There are eight capital cities in Australia. The national capital is Canberra, and it is located in the Australian Capital Territory. Australia does not have a president; it has a Prime Minister.