The legendary lead singer of Alice In Chains and Mad Season, Layne Staley, passed away 16 years ago on 05/04/2002. The photos were taken on February 26, 1997, when he and the other members of Alice in Chains attended the Grammy Awards.. Staley became more reclusive after this appearance, barely leaving his Seattle condo from 1997 until his body was found on April 19, 2002. These are the last know published photos of Layne Staley alive.. You’ve read all about this young man’s troubles with substance abuse, even as you marvel at the raw emotion spilling out from his soul, in the form of music that connects with you on a visceral level. “ I believe…he was sent from Heaven as a spokesperson for the sufferers.” In 2002, Layne Staley, a hero to many, passed away.Generations of fans continue to hear him on the airwaves today and take comfort when they hear that distinctive voice. And when it comes to final photos of Layne, the story is set up until 1998 with some photos available on the internet, but it is public knowledge and confirmed by his own mother that there is 01 unpublished picture taken from Layne in February 2002, only 02 months before his death… As another annual tribute concert in Seattle nears in remembrance of Alice in Chains star Layne Staley, drug-related deaths grow in King County and Staley’s mother revisits her heartbreak. Now that you know his name, I can see you nodding sagely. Late Alice In Chains singer Layne Staley’s mother Nancy Layne McCallum remembered discovering her son’s body in 2002 in a new Seattle Times article. Nancy’s son was Layne Staley, lead singer for the iconic northwest rock band Alice In Chains. Legendary Alice In Chains and Mad Season singer Layne Staley died 16 years ago today (though we’ll publishing this a few hours before the official April 5th date). If you visit, you can see his legacy lives on through his fans with touching tributes.