These drills are great for your players to learn how to handle pressure and play with poise against any opponent you will face. If you think positive, and attack the pressure, you can get an easy lay-up. So when you see a press coming at you, ATTACK! Keith Haske knows a thing or two about full court pressure. Phillips uses full court drills to simulate how the defense will look to use traps and the sideline to contain a press, but he also demonstrates counters to any trapping situation. Basketball HQ Co-Founder Kyle Ohman wrote this article. He … Those books are totally amazing where this one is just good. In fact, I remember as a sophomore I was being trained as a point guard and a guy went to guard me full court. This leaves an offensive player open who can go deep on the court and look for a pass. He has done this at different schools.

He has been to the state championship game four different times. 12 Tips for Handling… Think of it as something to beat, to get an easy score - make 'em pay! It may come in the form of a man press, zone press, or a team that likes to trap and gamble at different points throughout the game. An opponent’s full court press can open many easy scoring opportunities, if the offense is prepared and has patience. But, good is still GOOD! This is instead of sprinting back to the half-way line and setting up a half-court defense like many teams do. When coaches say 'full-court press', they're talking about putting pressure on the opponent for the entire length of the court. In a full court press, multiple defenders may cover the person with the ball to put more pressure on them. Implementing his full court uptempo system, he has won over 500 games at the high school level. Pressing defenses should not be looked at as “pressure”; but rather, as an “opportunity” to score quickly and easily. During the course of a basketball season, you are going to face teams that are looking to speed you up by using pressure. This is not only a great drill for coaching youth basketball but it also is a great drill for all levels that can be used in a half court or full court setting. It can be risky, but if you do have a player wide open at the end of the court, this can be a good opportunity for a lob pass all the way down the court. A full court press is always a gamble for the defense. We like to attack the press with quick passing as this can get you a 2-on-1 situation and a lay-up. Full Court Pressure was a good read and I would happily recommend it. Follow these 12 tips and you can more easily handle full court pressure. All too often, offenses merely look to get the ball across midcourt against full court pressure; or they simply play keepaway against a half court trap. Most full court and half court presses are looking to trap, or doubleteam the player with the ball at some point. But if you are new to Galli then I'd probably suggest starting with Wasted Heart (the first of the Virginia series) or Uncommon Emotions or Mending Defects. I could handle the ball with either hand but I never experienced man to man ball pressure until I was moved to a point guard.