Emulator for GunBound Thor's Hammer gameserver . - The one team must be consisted of three different mobile types. Gunbound is a casual game where you can customize your avatar, chose a mobile by its skillset, meet new friends from around the World and test your skills. Select the Mobile you like, use various item and achieve victory! This app will let you own the game! How to Play and Win at Gunbound. - The one team must be consisted of three different mobile types. a legend is … Mobile's shooting you with the mentioned Weapon Type will get a damage bonus while your weapons will do less damage against the mentioned Mobile Type. Players fire on one another using different types of vehicles called Mobiles. The object of the game is very similar to the cult favorite "worms" but featuring restrictions and more strategy. Firing was controlled by … Hitting with real angle does 20% more damage than hitting with weak angle. It is currently in its third major release, subtitled Season 2 internationally. - You can ride on Battle-Mobile with various cannons and fight against other Player's mobiles. GounboundM is easy to play but it has many strategical fun things!

- This Mobile has a high chance that it will be killed off last, so Avatar skills that activates while your Mobile is alone, would be very useful. Use a variety of battle mobiles, form your own team, and take part in exciting PvP battles. Casual Action Shooting! Whether it will allow you to carry your progress between both platforms is still unknown at the moment. At angle 30, you'll gonna be badass GB player! Realtime battles keep you emerged into the world of Gundbound and has a charm that gets you addicted once you play! The turn-based artillery shares features of two-dimensional games and ballistics-simulation games. - Gunboundm supports Season competition and reward. GunBound (Korean: 건바운드) is a free-to-play, turn-based, room-to-room, multiplayer online game with many similar features to the Worms series.. GunBound was developed and is maintained by South Korean developer Softnyx. GunboundM is a World-wide Player vs Player Game!

It will also support cross-platform so PC and phone gamers can play with each other. Compete in your league, earn cash, improve your win-loss record, and become the top-ranked player! GunBound is an action packed free to play, turn-based, room to room online artillery game similar to Worms, seeing players divide into two teams and take turns firing at each other in a 2D arena. New Gunbound is an online casual shooting game with 'Turn Battles' that are memorable, 'Real-time Battles' that require your full attention, unique mobiles, numerous items, Maps and modes that will keep you entertained for a long time!!

The Gunbound site does not … Gunbound mobile Aduka is hard to use? GounboundM is easy to play but it has many strategical fun things!

Aim carefully and think strategically and victory will be yours!

Play the traditional "Turn" mode or try the new "Realtime" mode. "weak angle" is the faded, outside green part. GunboundM is a World-wide Player vs Player Game!