Delivery not available. Hypafix tape in place. Medical Tape Tips and Taping Techniques are explained for Medical Tape Applications. StrengthTape Kinesiology Tape, 5M Uncut K Tape Roll, Premium Sports Tape Provides Support and Stability to The Target Area, Royal Blue: Sport & Freizeit Lastly, if you need a barrier from the elements to cover a wound, but you don't really need an absorbent dressing, try a transparent dressing, like Tegaderm. Hard to tape areas are not hard to tape with Hypafix. 4)These pieces of tape are then laid gently on the skin in respective or- der (Figure 1). Add to list.
Return policy. Pickup not available. As the tape is coated with an acrylic adhesive system, it may generally be used on patients who have exhibited an adverse reaction to adhesives containing rubber, or resin. Hypafix dressing tape can be used to secure dressings, tubes and catheters. Typing your keyword like 3836 Hypafix Dressing Retention Tape 2 5cm 3836 Hypafix Dressing Retention Tape 2 5cm Reviews : ... Hostipal wards across the healthcare industry should embrace technology to target better health health care and improvement in overall quality of life. Hypafix Dressing Retention Tape is a self-adhesive, non-woven fabric sheet for dressing retention. 5 Reasons to buy Hypafix Tape 2 x Hypafix Tape 5cm x 10m.

Hypafix Dressing Retention Tape 2" X 10 Yards [4209] Average rating: 5 out of 5 stars, based on 1 reviews 1 reviews. Ideal for keeping dressings in place. Hypafix dressing tape is water resistant with a non-irritating adhesive that acts as an excellent secondary gauze, foam and gel. Qty: Get in-stock alert. ... For this purpose, choose a waterproof tape, such as Hypafix. Can also be used to help anchor custom-made elastomer inserts or Cica-Care sheets over joints. Hypafix is a self adhesive, non-woven tape for wide area dressing fixation. Reusable. It retains the primary dressing on small to large wound sites and is ideal to use on areas of body requiring flexibility. Out of stock.

to the acromioclavicular joint su- periorly; 6) the coracoid process of the scap ula anteriorly to the spine of the scapula posteriorly.

Sold & shipped by Vesalius Health. It also secures catheters, tubes, and instruments quickly and easily, even in hard-to-tape areas. Hypafix in common with other dressing retention sheets can also be used to produce island dressings with absorbent pads or hydrogel sheets, and probably represents the best method for applying these types of product. 25 $9.25 $ 9 .
25. It can be easily cut to the required shape and size and is particularly useful over joints and on extremities. $9.25 $ 9. Smith & Nephew. Painless removal without leaving adhesive residue.