If we, as good backpackers and stewards of the land, adhere to Leave No Trace principles , we will camp as often as possible on durable surfaces. To make life easier and deal with the cling wrap like hassle of this light weight material, I cut the material slightly undersized to the footprint and attached small squares of Velcro to each tent corner and the polycro – the weight penalty is virtually zero, but now I can leave the polycro on when I roll up the tent or remove it if wet / dirty and quickly reattach the next time. Here is a guide to how to use them, how to set them up and how to make your own DIY footprint out of tyvek polycro or painters tarp for ultralight backpacking. Solid Tent Footprint: This is an affordable option and can be effective in providing an additional level of waterproofing.It is also easy to clean and can provide warmth during the colder season. FREE UK+EU Delivery Known as a ground cloth and groundsheet, they are waterproof sheets placed in between the floor of your tent … REDCAMP Waterproof Camping Tarp Lightweight to Cover Sun or Rain, Large Compact Tent Tarp Footprint for Ground or Under Tent 4.6 out of 5 stars 35 $12.79 $ 12 . What are tent footprints? 79

Reviews, full tech specs & helpful advice. A footprint is a lightweight ground sheet that forms a barrier between your tent floor and the ground. However, if you pick one that is larger than your tent, it can attract water inside and can also encourage condensation. Superlight footprints & groundsheets with sizes to fit almost any tent.