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Second, I’m happy to announce that Midnight Sun is finally (very close to) ready! We do not know the exact person who had leaked the manuscript onto the internet.

She never really mentioned a name, and I'm not looking to try and find out exactly who this person is. 15 comments. leaked midnight sun twilight manuscript. Favorite Answer. I hope this announcement doesn’t seem ill-timed; I really considered delaying the release until the world was back to normal. Midnight Sun - Stephanie Meyer's Rewrite of Twilight - Manuscript Leaked Sara stumbled across the linked manuscript of Midnight Sun (the rewrite of Twilight told from Edward's (the vampire) point of view). And will be in bookstores on August 4 th .

I don’t know if Midnight Sun will ever get published, but the last two paragraphs of Meyer’s screed make me think not. take a bite Twilght. The cosmetics industry made billions of dollars a year from women who were trying to attain skin like hers.” First of all, do guys even care about the cosmetic industry? 4 Answers. Relevance. Pop Culture For Love Of Do-Good Vampires: A Bloody Book List. All we know is that it was somebody very close to her and that she trusted.

I have reason to believe Edward Cullen is gay from this one line : “Bella never wore makeup, nor should she. Midnight Sun is the much anticipated retelling of Twilight from Edward Cullen's perspective. … I just re-read what we have of Midnight Sun, along with the blog post SM made on the subject due to another post on the subreddit. Who leaked Midnight Sun? Posted in Uncategorized by Nummyz. stephanie meyer said she had a good idea who leaked midnight sun - because only few people had the manuscript, do you know who it was? An unedited partial draft was illegally leaked onto the internet in 2008; consequently, author Stephenie Meyer put the project on indefinite hold. She basically says outright that she has other projects she’s focused on right now. In 2008, around the apex of the series' popularity, a draft of part of the "Midnight Sun" manuscript leaked online. I was just curious if we knew if it was either someone she worked with or closer to her like family or friend. 1 decade ago . Which is really all she had to say in the beginning if she didn’t want to finish writing Midnight Sun. share.