Note: If a document is meant primarily to be printed, other font options can be used. Penn State Nittany Lions logo vector 2643. But hey, when the logo graces the top of the university’s website, it has to look pretty legit.

Entity marks for administrative areas, and academic units not associated with a college, are managed by University Marketing and Advertising.

Penn State Student Affairs Mark The Student Affairs mark (logo) – also known as a ‘lockup’ – is based on the primary visual entity of Penn State – the University Mark. 5. In August of 2015, Penn State announced it was time for a brand refresh of its academic visual identity – in other words, the Penn State logo in use since the 1980s needed an update. The use of the suggested fonts for publications is encouraged, but is not required.

Decorative and narrow fonts in particular should be reserved for headlines and decorative texts only. Penn State has rocked the block Helvetica font end zones since 2005. Typography is a key component in building an effective identity program. Penn West logo vector 201. You may use the variations that are packaged with each font … The Student Affairs mark is the official logo for all departments within Student Affairs at Penn State. Inquiries regarding administrative/academic marks should be directed to 814-863-1870. (See Penn State Visual Identity Standards.) Before that, it was the 'tennis ball' script.
List of Recommended Fonts. Brand logo Icon. 106 Penn State brand logos and icons Download free in EPS, SVG, PNG and JPG file formats. UPDATE CLEAR. Graphics associated with the Penn State visual identity may be downloaded by those having a Penn State account.
While the logo has clean lines, a readable font, and a tactfully designed lion at the bottom, it just doesn’t fully represent Penn State as well as the other logos. The two primary fonts used in Penn State print marketing materials are Serifa and Avenir. Below is a list of recommended fonts with notes on the legibility of each. Sort by. Penn State Harrisburg logo vector 222. Penn State logo vector 863. There are also classic end zones from way back, including diamond patterns, checker board patterns, and simple lines. Weird Font Logo