Spiritual: Prairie Tanzanite connects our spiritual lives directly with our hearts, helping us to fully access our Highest Self. It comes in clear/white, pale yellow shading to brown, grey/blue, brown/blue, blue, or purple/blue. This Prairie Tanzanite represents all that we aspire to be and reminds us that it is indeed attainable. Prairie Tanzanite carries a highly spiritual energy, encouraging us to lift our voices in love and act from that place of love, no matter what is ahead of us, behind us or right in front of us. Tanzanite crystals will create a link within you to the higher heart or thymus chakra. Emotions can be hurt, so many are reluctant to follow their heart, thinking the head is the safer option ~ but it rarely is. It emits strong vibrations of spirituality and develops a deep bond between your body, mind, and soul. Prairie Tanzanite is the name given to a newly discovered combination stone from Wyoming, United States of America. Tanzanite also reduces stress, helping you to slow down. There are many uses for the energies of Tanzanite, but it is most helpful for purposes of healing. When you use this violet stone in meditation, you may be able to utilize the violet flame to boost your healing. Tanzanite was discovered at first in 1967, below the areas of Mount Kilimanjaro, and hence has been named for its country of origin, Tanzania, Africa. Tanzanite is a powerful metaphysical crystal that can really strengthen your spiritual connection with the divine realm.

Introduction to Meaning and Uses of Tanzanite. The Healing Energies, Metaphysical Properties, Legendary Uses, and Meaning of Tanzanite . Tanzanite facilitates integration between these two Chakras, simultaneously boosting psychic powers and communication, making it easier to communicate visions. These natural stones have a high vibration, with powerful metaphysical properties. The ability to communicate from a higher state of self is what is needed during this time.

The glow of Tanzanite increases your inner light, increasing health and vitality. Tanzanite is a stone of transmutation, shifting from lilac-blue to sapphire blue and into deep blue-violet. It awakens the Kundalini spirit and invites it to rise and bring its power into our Heart and Crown Charkas. Thulite is the pink form of Zoisite. It has a characteristic mottled appearance with the coloured mixture of minerals ranging from pale to mid purple/blue and pale pink. It is believed too be a mixture of Zoisites within a matrix of possibly a form of nephrite Jade. It is one of the most prized crystals of all due to its metaphysical properties of spiritual discovery, and getting together all features of communication and intuitive power. Healing Properties of Prairie Tanzanite. From MetaphysicalRealm1.com - Tanzanite is Blue Zoisite which actually comes in several colors.

Prairie Tanzanite truly supports us in developing a deeper relationship with ourselves, so eventually, we don’t have to sit down and specifically check in with all our systems ~ it happens automatically as we have trained ourselves to work this way.