It's the same used on Duke Nukem 3D and Blood.. Xatrix, the American company now known as Gray Matter Interactive Studios, Inc. is also renowned for … skinny old coot Billy Ray Jeter. Redneck Rampage - A Butt-Kickin', Gun-totin' 3D Romp Through Hickston, U.S.A. Suckin' Grits On Route 66 - Additional Levels and Twice the Mileage! Rides Again - The Hilarious Sequel to the Original with More Guns and Bigger Hogs! All the soundeffects (I presume) from the classic game "Redneck Rampage" Redneck Rampage is a first-individual shooter and offers an assortment of ways for the character to recover wellbeing. Redneck Rampage is a comedy/sci-fi first-person shooter created by Xatrix Entertainment and published by Interplay for MS-DOS in 1997.. "YEEEEEEEEHAW!"

D&D Beyond The game highlights music by psychobilly craftsmen. (A Standalone game) Family Reunion - Ya'll invited to our family reunion! Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The game uses the Build game engine, usually considered a 2.5 engine (not a real 3D one). Redneck Rampage Overview Redneck Rampage is a 1997 first-individual shooter game created by Matrix Entertainment and distributed by Interplay. Cuss Pack - Gin-u-Wine Redneck vocabulary add-on fer a more "colorful" experience. Crowbar, Pistol, Scattergun, Rifle, Dyn-O-Mite, Crossbow, Alien Arm Gun, RipSaw, Teat Gun, Powder Keg, Bowling ball