When you'll totally lose it: Calvin emotionally appeals to Beth one last time and asks if she's truly capable of loving anyone.

It's a testament to the sheer power of White's story that 1973 Hanna-Barbara cartoon adaptation is also one of the all-time childhood tearjerkers in spite of being, you know, a 1970s Hanna-Barbara cartoon -- not exactly the most promising descriptor. There's just something about a movie that inspires a good cry that we just love in a super-sick way. The best utterly depressing movies are about heartbreaking tragedies in every form. If you haven't seen one on our master list, grab your gal pals and make it happen stat. This is a list of the most depressing movies of all time including everything from The Hours to Blue is the Warmest Colour to The Lovely Bones. Woody and Buzz's owner Andy is all grown up in Toy Story 3, which leaves the toys trying to figure out their purpose. Whether you’re looking for a happy cry or sad cry, anticipated tears, or surprise tears, we’ve got you covered with an all-encompassing list of tear-jerkers to accommodate many moods. 100 saddest movies of all time Colman Andrews and Charles Stockdale . Unable to deal with her feelings, she leaves her family behind. After all, what's better than depressing movies when you need to sit down and have a solid cry? 10/27/2019. Chris Evans backs off Trump criticism as he prepares to launch political website. This movie franchise has gotten deep! Here's a list of the most dark movies of all time, so depressing that you wouldn't want to see a second time but can't help watching them at least once. Grab the tissues before you turn on any of these 19 emotional movies.

Discover the best sad, romantic movies that make you cry EVERY time you watch them. Kids will laugh; adults will weep.