We've also included a free email template download with questions that you can use when contacting a job applicant's references. Here are 10 questions you should as to make the most of reference checks, including asking about greatest strengths, biggest weaknesses, and more. Top Questions To Ask The References Of The Consulting Firm Before Hiring Nisha Gopinath Menon - 02 April 2018 What questions should I ask to the references of the consulting firm I'm planning on hiring? There are just TWO rules you have to remember when checking references: Talk to the Right People; Ask the Right Questions; 1. How to Get the Most of Reference Check Questions.

Some references may feel obligated to highlight positive things about the candidate when asked about their strengths and weaknesses or accomplishments, but with a question as blunt as this, it will be much more apparent whether they are truly enthusiastic in their endorsement of a candidate — perhaps the best predictor of a candidate’s future success. Talk to the right people. Either way, they're hugely important to making strong hires. How to Answer Reference Check Questions. In addition to basic reference check questions, like the ones found here, Josh breaks the questions you should consider adding to your reference checking docket into two categories: the key questions you might not think to ask, and the hard questions to ask.

Reference checks: You either love 'em or hate 'em. Reference checks help potential employers confirm that the candidates in consideration for hiring are honest in their job application as well as during their interview. Josh let us in on his best reference check questions. The reference check questions we've provided below are written to be as open-ended as possible so that you're not feeding references the answers, but allowing them to independently confirm the information you have.

Sample Reference Check Questions

Rarely does a reference have anything enlightening to tell you. With the right questions, you can probe deeper and encourage those references to shed light on the problems they wish they had avoided, or how the … Providing honest and reliable references means that you can help others while establishing your credibility. Be specific about who you must speak with. Questions employers can ask when conducting reference checks.

Make sure that your final candidates give you the kind of references that you need.