be assessed fairly on job relevant criteria. find out more about your strengths and development needs.

Tests help you to: demonstrate your strengths. Each series have an assessment for each of the below topics: Numerical / Verbal / Diagrammatic / Abstract / Error-checking / Mechanical / Spatial. Executives need to be able to fully comprehend written documents, communicate effectively, and grasp abstract ideas. Saville test topics. directors, managers, professionals, graduates and management trainees. It is designed for use across all roles, e.g. Saville test formats. Research has shown that they are powerful predictors of performance at work. This 16-minute aptitude test measures abstract critical reasoning.

The Saville Executive Aptitude Test is designed for anyone applying for a role as an upper-level manager or executive. Employers often use aptitude tests as part of their assessment procedures for the selection and development of staff.

Saville Assessments are broken down into two formats: 1) Single Aptitude Tests – a longer version which takes longer than 30 minutes This test serves as an objective means by which to measure these skills.