The title itself, “Sludge Factory”, refers to how the band is a factory, pumping out meaningless sludge for no reason other than profit. 2. 4. Finely broken or half-formed ice on a body of water, especially the sea. — Kyle Smith, National Review, "Judd Apatow’s Comedy Masterpiece," 1 May 2020 Then it is strained through a sieve … "Sludge Factory"-I always thought of this title as a name for Layne and where he lived. A very dark comedic point of view - which I love. It was the Sludge Factory and he lived in it. sludge definition: 1. soft, wet soil or a substance that looks like this: 2. soft, wet soil or a substance that looks…. It also touches on Layne’s struggle with heroin.

Semisolid material such as the type precipitated by sewage treatment. meaning if I disappear(and be high for 20 hours) they won't go and call the police(and print my picture on a milk carton) because technically speaking (in most states)you cannot become a missing person until you are missing for 24 hours.

I'm sure so many of his "friends" … Recent Examples on the Web Often the act is built on a psychic landfill of toxic sludge.

sludge (slŭj) n. 1.

Learn more. Mud, mire, or ooze covering the ground or forming a deposit, as on a riverbed.