Climbing at Mangorewa, Mangaokewa and Waitomo. Essential Sport Climbing Skills . Most of the limestone cliffs are better suited to experienced climbers whilst beginners will generally find gritstone a more amenable medium on which to learn and practice. Instead, sports climbers can attempt routes harder than their limits, pushing the envelope of the possible and concentrate on climbing movements rather than placing protection for safety. Rock Climbing and Bouldering ... On limestone you need to decide between sport climbing, where you clip bolts in the same way as at a climbing wall, or to go traditional (trad) and place your own protection.

How to Train for Steep Sport Climbing Routes There are some really tough walls out there, and although it would be nice to just jump outside and fly up every wall … Sports climbing requires a solid base in skills and experience.

7th November 2014 Climbing, New Zealand Crags, Sport climbing carolinebrindle Leave a comment. My shoulders ache, my fingers feel like they’ve been polished and I don’t think I have any muscles left to do a pull up but the bright sun shine is making it hard for today to be a rest day. Sport climbing.