This trail is popular, but not as crowded as the Bell Rock area. There are plenty of routes available nearby, so find a route that is right for you or your group.
Sugarloaf Loop I took this walk before the coronavirus things started spreading into our lives. The walk takes about 30 mins (534 m Return), and heads though the delightful . Sugarloaf Ridge Hiking Sugarloaf Ridge is home to some of the finest hiking and views you’ll find in the North Bay.

Free download maps and tracknotes for the Mt Sugarloaf Summit walk. A moderate to strenuous 4 hour (9 km) scenic loop walk taking in the Knockmealdown and Sugarloaf peaks with a few steep ascents. This summit walk to Mt Sugarloaf offers fabulous 360 degree views and is highly recommended. The track up this Gully is called the Winter Track, and near the beginning there are ruins of an old shed and yards used by Sir Samuel Davenport who owned most of … Walking along the ridge of Echo Sugarloaf Port Cygnet from summit Once the trig marker is reached that is the track end, but they are hoping to continue it on when funds become available to make a loop walk. This short but steep walk follows a wide trail, which narrows to become … Sugarloaf Loop Road is another of those unknown open spaces in the Keys that you only find out about by osmosis (word of mouth) or by curiosity (poking around).
I wrote about a walk I took in this area on the 25th October 2008, an essay I titled Sugarloaf Wilderness which included part of the loop road. On a clear day, the views from the top of Bald Mountain (elevation 2,729 feet) are magnificent and include the Sierras to the East, San Francisco Bay and Mount Diablo to the South, Mount Tamalpais to the South-West, the Coastal … It has nice views and is fairly level. The weight of opinion is starting to flop in favor of social isolation and other measures, late though they may be to delay spread of the disease. Waterfall Gully Road can be surprisingly busy, but there is a pedestrian trail to follow. Want to go for a walk? From the car, walk up Waterfall Gully Road for ten minutes to arrive at Woolshed Gully on the left. Start location: The main car park and access is located at the end of Beach Road or there is also an alternative entrance on Mairehau Road. Duration of walk: The loop is approximately 4k and will take 1 hour to complete. The hike is a little over 2 miles. The Sugarloaf Loop travels around Sugarloaf, which is the small formation in front of Coffee Pot Rock.