UConn football adds another three into the transfer portal The Huskies’ transfer epidemic is not quite done claiming new victims, it seems. Just two days ago, the list of players transferring out of UConn was at eight, including a number of offensive linemen and linebacker Eddie Hahn. Instead of being weighed down by UConn’s recent history, the transfers plan on writing their own chapter in the same book. It has dropped 16 straight games to FBS opponents, last winning such a game Oct. 21, 2017 over Tulsa. The Nittany Lions slipped from fourth in the first College Football Playoff rankings to our even-more-coveted No. In total, 49 players have now left the program for a myriad of reasons, be it to transfer to another school, retire from football altogether or depart UConn for disciplinary reasons. Transfers have increased significantly across college football, largely due to the NCAA’s Transfer Portal, which was introduced in 2018. If the 2020 season is cancelled (and it might happen, unfortuantely) it means there is a possibility he will be with Purdue when the Boilers travel to UConn September 11, 2021. … KNOXVILLE -- The University of Tennessee has a proud football program rich in history and tradition, and over the years many great players have played on Rocky Top. Tyler Coyle is a one-year graduate transfer from Connecticut that will be immediately eligible in 2020. The initiative has sparked relaxation of the NCAA’s transfer eligibility rules. The Huskies’ offensive line has been dealt a major blow going into 2020. On Monday, I put out statistics regarding the amount of transfers since Randy Edsall’s return to UConn football. UConn ended last season with nine straight losses. UConn punter Brett Graham transfers to Tennessee. 5 spot in the Bottom 10. UConn ranks high among programs with a significant number of players currently in … UConn football has another player enter the portal, with RB Donevin O'Reilly one of two dozen Huskies players to enter transfer database. “Feeling really good. 192d No. Forward Anriel Howard, the Aggies' leading rebounder this past season, and guard Danni Williams, their second-leading scorer, are planning on visiting the Storrs campus this weekend. By Luke Swanson @Lukefrom2011 Jan 23, 2020, 3:36pm EST