So, when we, or anyone else that has been into it for that long, get to talking about classic fights, Fight Pass is awesome because you can go back and watch em. The UFC is one of the best sports in the world however regardless of people reviewing cause of a judges decision at an event they should be reviewing the Fight Pass service which is what this page is here for. Audio Quality: The audio quality of UFC Fight Pass is just as good as the video quality. I like to gamble on mma, so if there’s a fighter I’m not very familiar with, I use fight pass to do “homework” and see that fighters last few fights. UFC FIGHT PASS official review: From the opening minutes of the film, watermelons are chopped with swords, men are put to death and slam poetry graces the screen. Watch UFC events live online and on virtually any device including iOS and Android devices, Xbox One, Xbox 360, AppleTV, Chromecast, Roku, Samsung and LG Smart TVs. UFC Fight Pass Review. Exclusively on UFC Fight Pass.
Now I click on the app that has updated and I can't even find a fight I can watch even though I still pay the monthly service. just wondering if anyone has it, is it true that you can watch past PPV's but just at a later date than they was first show eg month or 2 etc, and is it possible to watch stuff like ultimate fighter from the very first season like netflix still unsure about signining up. Whether a fan is watching a live event or a random fight from 2005 the UFC …

By Christopher Jester . If they had 1080p they would have received a n A+. UFC Fight Pass Review. First off ufc fight pass used to be excellent you were able to watch NEW ppv events all day long . UFC FIGHT PASS users have access to the Early Prelims from the biggest UFC Pay-Per-View cards along with over 200+ live events from promotions such as … It was a little more than a year ago where I asked readers of Caged Insider, “UFC Fight Pass: Worth Your Loot?”. This groundbreaking new series features five exciting fights with up-and-coming talent, looking to impress Dana White and win a UFC contract. Deemed the “Netflix for the fight fan”, Fight Pass is the new digital service from the UFC. Overall I’d give UFC Fight Pass an A-for video quality.
UFC Fight Pass Review: Find Out All You Need to Know There are many things you should know about how UFC.TV works and operates. UFC Fight Pass used to be one of my favorite apps. Is UFC Fight Pass Worth it? But in the last year or two it seems like I went from being able to watch great fights, to being able to only watch really old great fights. The web subscription service was already a few months old, and UFC had begun making offers for free trials. One of the things we should get out from the start is the fact that you can buy access to two types of content.