After all, we like being alone. I Want to Come to Know Who I Truly Am I feel like I am finally gaining my autonomy as a 30-something adult after a rocky start as a teenager and a young woman in my twenties. I don’t want to join Tinder. But sometimes all the hype gets to us. I've had enough of you. Perhaps we like being single.
Here are three struggles I’ve encountered as a single, sort-of-looking introvert in this modern age of dating. No reminders of how different you are. “Why don't you talk more often, you don't like me anymore!” “It's just, sometimes I can't… sometimes I want pea…” “Enough said, boy. Worse yet, you don’t have to do something because you’re obligated to do so. Do they? You are so boring. You avoid my calls. Because of that, we're usually single a lot. As an introvert, I love curling up with a romance novel, and Jane Austen, who created Mr. Darcy, happens to be my favorite author. Why should a heavily commercialized, heart-drenched holiday change that? Being a single introvert in this world, my friends and family love to offer their words of relationship wisdom* to help me find this someone. Maybe they don't like to but they prefer to. Struggles of a Single Introvert.

So, here are 5 things that single introverts are tired of hearing. As a single person, you don’t have to choose the “lesser of two evils” to please your significant other. Introverts feel very deep at heart and for this reason they will not mind staying away from people who are bound to hurt them. As a single introvert, you can do whatever you like whenever you like because you are not seeking approval from anyone. Like, at all. 1. Here’s how we define introversion.) 1. Introverts are amazing people to get to know but our lifestyle doesn't make it easy to do so. 7. After being single for a while, (um… 4 years) the advice begins to sound redundant. For the single introvert, spending Valentine’s alone shouldn’t be so bad. We thought we were still single because we want to be or because we just haven’t found the right one. (Note: not everyone uses “introvert” the same way. Let's just call it off.” He was single again, by choice, but not his. Introvert Love – Let’s Be Single Together; Famous Introvert Marries After 65 Years Single; Why Men Pull Away From Introverted Women; How Introverts Can Love and Be Loved; Introvert: Why You Can’t Let Go; 21-Day Introvert Love Train Starts Jan. 25th!